Use & Care/FAQs


What should I use to write on the BRAINiBOOK/BRAINiBADGE?

Black ultra fine tip permanent marker is recommended but these products are also compatible with dry and wet erase markers. Only permanent marker will not smear and requires alcohol to remove. Be cautious that some colors and marker brands will be more difficult to erase than others. Always patch test a small area first to prevent stains. 
Our #1 recommended marker is the Sharpie Retractable Ultra Fine Tip which can be found here: 

How do I erase?

We recommend using alcohol prep pads or alcohol spray bottle solution with paper towel/cloth to erase. Please do not use any other cleaning solutions as other chemicals may damage the pages. Please allow page to air dry or wipe with paper towel/cloth before turning pages.

Our #1 recommended alcohol prep pads are the Covidien 2 Ply Large which can be found here:

How do I get rid of stubborn marker stains that won't erase all the way?

Please try using 91% isopropyl alcohol for more difficult marker stains and dry with paper towel/cloth. Always patch test small area with intended marker first to prevent stains.

You can find this type of alcohol solution here:

What is your refund/return policy?

Please see our Refund Policy page located at the bottom of our website or click here: Refund Policy

What do some of the acronyms stand for?

Most acronyms on the BRAINiBOOK are common medical terms that can be searched online. However, there are some unofficial acronyms used. Please see the Abbreviations List page tab.

How many patients fit in the book?

Blank/Lined Edition: 10 pages - can fit up to 10 patients
MS/MT/PCU Edition: 16 pages - can fit up to 8 patients (2 pages for each)

What is the Blank/Lined BRAINiBOOK used for?

This edition can be used by bedside professionals to customize their own handoff report sheets. It can also be helpful for anyone who needs to write temporary or disposable information again and again. Nurses, MDs, CNAs/Techs, lab techs, phlebotomists, pharmacists, RT/OT/PT will love!

Are there any discount codes?

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